66971_553387238027783_2067803699_n-jpgI grew up in a small town called Santa Maria, CA. There’s not really a whole lot there, let alone any sort of gay community. I knew I was gay but not really sure what that meant, so as soon as I was old enough I decided to go someplace where I could figure it out. I moved to San Francisco when I was 21 and enrolled in San Francisco State University.

Prior to that I was always interested in Leather. I loved the way it smelled and felt. Getting a computer as a Christmas present was a blessing because now I could jack off to leather sex pictures and stories in my room as opposed to waiting until everyone was asleep and using the family computer. My favorite story was about a boy getting fucked in the back of a bar called the Powerhouse. A man picked him up, fucked him and pissed all over him, and as he left he threw a business card at the kid. It was a business card for something called the Bare Chest Calendar.

When I moved to San Francisco I was surprised to find there really was a bar called the Powerhouse! And there really was such a thing called the Bare Chest Calendar! After visiting the bar pretty regularly I was asked if I wanted to go-go dance one night. I ended up dancing there for about 8 years and meeting a ton of sexy guys and people in the leather community.


Unknown to me at the time, the Powerhouse is also the home bar of the Bare Chest Calendar. The majority of the events the calendar men throw are held there. After a few years I decided to try out to be on the calendar. I ended up being Mr. May 2012. It’s pretty crazy how things turn out.