Houston, Halloween, and Hotness

Hey Everyone.  Been awhile since I had time to update my blog. Been traveling a lot and got a chance to meet some great people. I also witnessed my very first gear contest! I was in Houston for GLUE Weekend and found out that Texas has a HUGE gear following (look up the Austin Gears club for more info). It was fucking sexy and fun! Maybe we should explore a San Francisco Gear title? Thoughts? I also got to reunite with some of my IML brothers from the area, which is always great.

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This past weekend I was proud to serve as a judge for the Mr. Santa Clara County Leather contest. I’m always proud to serve as a judge in any contest, but this one was particularly special because it was the step down of my friend and IML first runner up Thib Guicherd-Callin. Thib is one of the people who I have known since before either one of us had titles and it’s been incredibly special to not only share the IML podium with him, but also this crazy journey. Honestly one of the best guys in the world. Congratulations on a great year Thib!

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I also got to host a CRAZY party at the SF Eagle called “Freak Show” on Halloween night with one of my favorite people, Monistat (La Moni on Facebook). Freaky clowns, fire breathers, drag queens, you name it! The Eagle went all out with the decorations and even tented part of the patio with a red and white striped circus tent! Whatever you did for Halloween I hope you had a great time!


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Even though it’s starting to get colder outside I’m going to pretend it’s summer for a few days and head down to Palm Springs this weekend for the Palm Springs Leather Pride celebration. I’m going to catch up with Mr. Palm Springs Leather Paul Smith and see what trouble we can cause!

And last but not least, congratulations to Austin Able (Mr. Third Coast Leather 2014), Andy Covarrubias (Mr. Regiment Leather 2014) and Sam Campbell (Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 2013). I was proud to serve as one of your judges.

Alaska- Northern Lights Leather Weekend

I had the opportunity to visit the leather folks up in Alaska for the inaugural Northern Lights Leather Weekend. This event is the brainchild of International Ms. Leather 2013 Sarha Shaubach.  My travel partner on this trip was none other than Ms. San Francisco Leather herself, Nerine Mechanique.

The weekend consisted of a leather meet and greet at the Raven on Friday, the Leather Ball with demos and lessons on Saturday at Mad Myrna’s, and a wrap up “Shitty Show” on Sunday, which I was told was really shitty.  Sarha outdid herself with these events! All had great turnouts and awesome participation from the community.  I was surprised to find that Anchorage has a very eclectic leather community with a strong heterosexual following. It was refreshing to see all of God’s kinksters together under one roof.

One of the highlights of my trip was being in a demo at the Leather Ball with Sarha’s husband, John. John is a military man and we did a very hot drill sergeant/recruit scene after which I was pinned by The Last Frontier Men’s Club. It was great! After that I was (surprisingly) saran wrapped to a column and exploited. But I’m not complaining! Not to be outdone, Nerine and Sahra did a scene of their own in which Nerine strung Sahra up like a puppet using surgical staples. It looked painful and awesome! Unfortunately I had to leave the Leather Ball to go directly to the airport but was told that a VERY fun time was had by all.

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Thank you to Nerine for being such a great travel companion and to Sarha and John for opening your house to us and for feeding us bear. Not hairy man bear, but actual bear meat! It was also great to see my IML brother Mr Alaska Leather John Ehelebe and to see the Last Frontier Men’s Club (www.tlfmc.com) in action. Also excited to see a new custom arm harness by Paladin Leathers.

Aside from experiencing the leather scene in Alaska I also got to experience the Alaskan landscape as well. I have to say it’s probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.  If you ever have an opportunity to travel there it’s a definite must. A great time might be in July for the Northern Exposure Leather Convention!

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This Thursday night I leave for the Mr. Michigan Leather contest in which I will be a judge alongside my friend and the current Mr. Michigan Leather, Stephen Teets. Can’t wait!

Dallas and New Orleans Trip!

Just got back a few days ago from a whirlwind trip to Dallas for the ILSb/ICBB contest and to New Orleans for Southern Decadence. Before I get into all the  details congratulations to the new International Leather Sir 2013 Sir George. International Leatherboy Gator, and International Community Bootblack Paul! Welcome to the brotherhood!

It was great to see all my leather friends that I’ve missed since IML and to cheer on our own Nor-Cal title holders, Sir Brent Ganetta, boy Element Eclipse, and bootblack Scout, all of whom represented Northern California extremely well. It was also a chance to catch up with my “older brother” Woody Woodruff, IML 2012. Thanks to Jeffery Paine for putting on a great contest and another congratulations to all the participants!

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From Dallas my partner, Carlton, and I headed to New Orleans for Southern Decadence. I love New Orleans! There’s definitely a sexual vibe running through that city! A highlight was reuniting with Bill Naquin, Mr Louisiana Leather 2013, who picked Carlton and I up in his Ford model-T. He gave us a tour of the city, then a GREAT dinner with former Mr. Louisiana Leathers and my fantastic IML handlers. It was is very definition of southern hospitality. Later on it was off to the Phoenix with naked go-go boys and blowjobs galore. Everyone loves a naked go-go stud, am I right? Aside from a few protesters (…and I couldn’t help taking a picture with them) the weekend was everything I expected and wanted. I can’t wait to get back!

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Next up it’s Alaska for the Northern Lights Leather Weekend where I will be traveling with Nerine Mechanique, Ms San Francisco Leather, and causing trouble with my international “wife” Sarha Shaubach, International Ms Leather 2013.

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